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February 18, 2016 Leave your comments

A year ago, I was looking for my internship in the field of graphic design when someone recommended that I contact At that time, I had no plan for an internship in China, but when I started to discuss my options and the learning opportunities I may have in China with the staff of, I decided within a week that China was the place where I needed to get my internship. Once I informed the staff at about my final decision, they came up with the names of a number of companies that were looking forward to have interns in the field of graphics designing. The rest was easy, and my whole traveling plan, stay at China, and documentation related to my internship was managed by very smoothly.

In Beijing, I first met the staff of, who guided me about the city, the company I was going to work with, and the places I must visit in my free time. Even though I was pretty scared at the beginning with no knowledge about Chinese language and their cultural norms, after meeting with some of my colleagues at work, I learned that English is now a very popular language in China. This made things really easy for me. I never had a problem communicating with my Chinese coworkers at work, but while visiting some places in my free time, I admit that I had to face some embarrassing moments when I failed to make local Chinese people understand what I really wanted. I believe that the professional working class of China is very well versed in English, which makes it easier for foreigners to work without facing any problems in communication, but the poor suburbs and local masses still prefer their own language.

As I always wanted to explore more of China, besides my stay in Beijing, I also visited other cities and places, like Shanghai, Xingtai, Urumchi and the Great Wall of China. My experience at Great Wall of China was amazing as it was hard for me to believe that men built this huge structure hundreds of years ago. China is not only a great place to learn, it is also a fascinating place for tourists with hundreds of attractive and historical places.

At my work-place, I learned a lot about graphic designing, doing business in China, and about the working lifestyle of Chinese people. The Chinese are very hard working with every other Chinese person owning his own business, mostly related to manufacturing industry. You can find hundreds of small factories even in the small houses of Beijing, exporting goods to Europe and North America. The Chinese people are business minded and ready to explore every opportunity that can help them in expanding their businesses. The manager in my company not only helped me in my work but also guided me about the overall business trends and norms in China. The Chinese colleagues at work were also very helpful and always ready to answer my concerns when I needed to know anything. They accept me as their new team member, helped me in understanding my work, and contributed in my learning.

My stay in China was comfortable, pleasant, and rewarding, though not without the help provided by and its staff.

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