Aleksandar talks about his experience in China

November 24, 2015
My name is Aleksandar Spasovski. I was born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia. I have been living and working as an English teacher in Beijing, China since November 2013. Having finally settled in China’s capital and gotten used to the daily routine of a foreign English teacher’s life, I can conclude that it is one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. Coming to China to teach English is a lot more than moving for a good job opportunity. It is an adventure and an experience that can culturally enrich each person, no matter where they are coming from.Aleksandar's testimonial Having previously lived in the United States for six years as well as in Europe before that, I can say that China is a completely different world from both of those places. The culture, the tradition and the excitement of living in a country that has thousands of years of history is present every day, and learning and living the Chinese lifestyle is an involvement that will change your life. The mix between the traditional and the modern divides China into a country that will leave each visitor in admiration. At the same time, visitors are also offered two different tastes of the culture with the modern skyscrapers, the diversity of the food from each corner of the world, and the technological advancements on one side and the long-standing temples, religion and tradition, and the centuries-old recipes of the Chinese cuisine on the other. The people are exceptionally warm and welcoming to a foreigner, which makes the whole experience very pleasurable. Making the transition to Asia is a big step for anyone who comes from a Western country. There are a lot of things that require getting used to, but for anyone who has a sense of adventure and excitement and is looking for cultural enrichment and good job opportunities, this is the place to start. Since I have been here, I have been thrilled with my job. I have been treated with respect from all my coworkers, and I have been given exceptional conditions to practice my trade. The company that I work for has given me everything that it promised and more. All in all, it is a wonderful experience that I enjoy every day, and I am very thankful for the people who helped me get where I am today.