Why an International Internship Matters

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Why an International Internship Matters

In this fast-paced world where everything is evolving from technology to arts and medicine, education is also not something that is left behind. Today, a simple academic qualification is not enough to succeed and survive in the job market. You need to expand your global horizons and gain real-world experience with an international internship. Whether you want to intern with a high-end fashion designer or be an intern with famous architects, there are programs that can be a big hit for your career. Internships have long been a part of college additives, but their relation to students’ future prospects has never been more important. An internship provides practical experience, a sample of life in your chosen field, an opportunity to work with real customers and employees, and practice for skills that were only studied within the walls of college and universities. All these benefits are optimized and maximized with an international internship.

The Benefits of an International Internship

Amy Lee, Co-Coordinator for Simon Fraser University (SFU) International Co-op, said:

Local employers value international experience because companies are becoming more international. The workforce is becoming more diverse. An international experience is becoming more and more of an asset to local employers.”

There is a big difference between interning in your homeland and in another country. The main difference is that you will be away from your family and friends; you will be introduced to a new culture and people with different temperaments. For some, it is an exciting and equally adventurous challenge, while for others, it is truly horrifying. Here are some benefits of pursuing an international internship to convince you that it is a worthwhile investment in your future.

Cross-Cultural Skills

Taking an internship overseas involves interacting with people who belong to a different culture and might not speak English. You will be out of your comfort zone, but this also means that you are taking up the challenge to work under pressure and with employees of any nationality.

New Office Environment

Not all countries have the same office environment. By choosing an international internship, you will also be working in an office that could be entirely different from those in your own country. Adapting to a new office environment shows flexibility and your willingness to learn more.

Upgrade Your CV/Resume

The experience of living and working abroad can add to your academic qualifications. It shows that you are not afraid of working in a new environment with a bunch of people from different cultures. It shows that you have global business awareness that many applicants lack. You also have an understanding of the global market and are ready to take on any challenge.

Opportunity to Learn More

During your internship, learn as much as you can and experience as many areas as possible. Make the most out of your internship, talk to people, ask questions, and explore different areas of your field. Remember, it is going to be highlighted as your accomplishment.

Developing Language Skills

By living in a new country, you will have an opportunity to learn different languages. You will be able to enhance your language skills in the best environment available. It will give you a chance to learn the language quickly, as you will be forced to speak it yourself. You will find that your skills develop at a rapid pace that many would never expect. Language proficiency increases when you communicate with your colleagues, interact with your customers, or learn technical vocabulary related to your field.


An international internship gives you a chance to build an international network of contacts. The people you develop relationships with could help you in securing a job or perhaps could also offer you a job at the end of internship. You could also ask your boss for a future recommendation.

Gaining Experience

Companies prefer to hire someone who has some experience in their field rather than someone who does not have any experience at all. An internship can help you to gain the experience you need to get ahead in your career.

Acquiring New Skills

An international internship can assist you in deciding the perfect field of work for yourself. After graduation, if you are not sure which career path to take, you can try out an option with an international internship. You may decide it’s the perfect career path for you. But you may also end up with something else. But you will be glad to have an opportunity to try it first. Moreover, it won’t be totally useless to you; you will have still earned something from this great opportunity.

Academic Credit

Some universities require an international or domestic internship to fulfill graduation requirements. Interning abroad is a way to earn credit and gain experience with weekends travelling and exploring new places and local culture.


Although early development and early formative experiences within the family, school, or in your own community can help to shape you as adult, personal development should not stop later in life. It is a lifelong process, and it’s a way people assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life, and set goals. Being abroad provides you with an opportunity of not only travelling but also undergoing a process of self-development that will lead you to be more observant and open-minded.

Successful People Who Started as Interns

Your confidence will boost, and you will be inspired to know that some personalities worked as interns before they became successful CEOs, journalists, fashion designers, and sports stars. One such personality is Steve Jobs. He did his internship at Hewlett-Packard on the line assembling frequency counters.

Andrea Jung, CEO of Avon Products, landed a coveted summer internship at Bloomingdale’s. Bill Gates, Anderson Cooper, Patrick Ewing, Steven Spielberg, and many more were once interns before reaching the top of their careers.
At the top of the list, countries giving internships include Spain, England, Argentina, Thailand, South Africa, and China. An international internship shows that you are not afraid to go against the wind. It also shows a sense of risk-taking and the ability to undertake different ventures. Furthermore, an international internship enhances your overall experience of living abroad in a different cultural environment. Working abroad will also give you a glimpse of what it is like to work with people from different backgrounds. If you want to really stand out of the many graduates every year, doing an internship abroad is one of the best ways to do it.

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