For Parents


If your child is considering an internship abroad, especially in a foreign country like China, it’s completely natural to have any number of questions and concerns as a parent. Why is an internship necessary? Why does my child need to go to China? Should I worry? What’s my role? You may feel as though your questions are never ending. We understand how anxious and wary you may be, and AsiaOppo is committed to making the process and experience of interning in China as clear and worry-free as possible, for both you and your child.

Why Is it Important to Do An Internship?

There are many reasons for students to consider an internship before entering the job market.

In our society, more and more companies are looking to hire graduates with hands-on experience in addition to their school training. With an internship experience in addition to a degree, students can offer a more well-rounded and valuable set of traits, including having learned specific skills needed in the student’s field of study in addition to on-the-job training in that same field.

Outside of added value to employers, students who complete internships find a chance to gain clarity around their career goals and desires, allowing them to hone in on desired jobs and establish direction.

Internships also provide students with a head start in navigating the fast-paced world in which we live and work daily, but with the support of a dedicated team to assist them in moving from being full time students to contributing members of society.

In addition to help with assimilating into society, students who intern in foreign countries have a unique chance to master a second language, which often proves to be priceless in global business ventures.

Finally, the network of contacts and connections students forge during internships is without parallel. After completing an internship, recent graduates enter the working world with a veritable black book of resources, giving them yet another leg up on getting started with their own lives.

Why Intern in China?

China is currently one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world. Not only do students working in China gain access to some of the most technologically advanced systems and advantages, they are faced with the task of successfully adapting to the almost breakneck speed of development in Chinese culture, which translates well into future life skills.

Working in China as an intern also provides a one-of-a-kind chance to experience and learn within a global market. As we move further and further into the technology age, global business is almost unavoidable. Working in a foreign, quickly developing country from the get go provides incredible insight and training into how to work in this global economy.

Any internship provides an immense network of contacts and assistance, but an internship in China can expand further on that network, linking not only people, but countries and continents. Imagine starting off to a new job (or looking for one) with connections all over the world!

Why AsiaOppo?

Good question! Why choose AsiaOppo from all the hosting and overseas internship companies available?

AsiaOppo is staffed with a dedicated team who bring years of experience to the table. Many of our employees not only have years of experience assisting interns from all over the world, they’ve been global interns themselves. Who better to guide your child into a new experience than someone who’s been there and done that?

In addition, our team isn’t just based in China. While many of us work from there, our team is internationally based, which allows us to assist your family at any time and with many different backgrounds of experience.

AsiaOppo is also proud to be one of the most reasonably priced intern hosting teams in China. We aim to make this once-in-a-lifetime experience affordable and enjoyable to both your child and your wallet!

When we say dedicated, we mean it! Our staff is available 24/7 to support you and your child in this life-changing experience. We know this is a huge step, and we only want your student to succeed. We’re here around the clock to make sure we do our part to make that happen.

Is China Safe?

Yep! Crime rates in China are among the lowest in the world, with 1/3 the violent crime of the United States and 1/8 the burglaries. Chinese residents also report fear of crime at a rate almost 75% lower than U.S. residents.

That said, there is still some crime in China, so many residents take care to pay close attention to their belongings and often wear their backpacks facing front, rather than behind them.

While you are a parent and will probably worry anyway, you can rest assured that your child’s safety is of paramount concern. We provide safe housing and transportation and are in constant communication with our interns. In addition, we host numerous events and social outings to ensure that interns do not suffer from culture shock!

What Can I Do For My Child Before Departure?

There are many ways to help your child prepare for an internship in China. From establishing a communication plan to checking all documents to discussing allergies, it’s important to cover it all. Take a look at our checklist here!

– Check that passports and visas are accurate and valid – Plenty of time before an intern’s departure date, be sure to confirm that both his/her passport and China visa are valid and up to date.

– Purchase travel insurance – Since your child will be traveling overseas, it’s important to consider purchasing travel insurance, which covers various situations including flight cancellations, baggage issues and many healthcare needs during the internship.

– Create a budget – The cost of living can be very affordable in China, but as anywhere else, it’s important to budget your intern’s income or funds. Take time to research the average cost of food in China and create a plan for staying within budget during the trip.

– Establish a clear communication plan – Especially as a parent, this may be one of the most important steps to take before your child’s departure date. Being an intern in another country can be hectic, and the systems you currently use for communication may not work overseas. We recommend installing WeChat on your family’s phones as an excellent way to stay in touch for the duration of your student’s trip. In addition, interns through AsiaOppo are required to have a VРN software on their computers in order to access Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google and the like.

– Discuss and prepare for eating with allergies – If your child has any sort of food allergies, it’s crucial that you create a plan of eating in a foreign country. Take care to research types of ingredients used in Chinese cuisine and be sure your child is careful while eating. It’s also worth noting that tap water is not potable in China and should be boiled before consumption. Another alternative is bottled water.

– Help your child pack appropriate clothing and items from home to assist in homesickness – Take time to check the climate of the region and season your child will intern in  and pack accordingly. In addition, many of our students have benefited from packing small items from home (photographs, talismans, meaningful items) to assist in homesickness during the trip.