Hospitality internships in China


internships in china
We provide quality paid internships in various cities in China. We cooperate with different types of companies, from nonprofit to Fortune 500.

Teach & Travel

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This is a unique opportunity to experience amazing China, while earning a decent amount of money. This is a perfect opportunity for those who want to stay in China for a year or longer, travel, and get even more benefits, like flight ticket reimbursement, bonuses, insurance, and more.

Au Pair

Au pair China
This is a perfect opportunity to be deeply immersed into the Chinese culture by living with a Chinese family. Au pairs get a single room, meals, monthly allowance, and Chinese classes, among many other benefits.


A year ago, I was looking for my internship in the field of graphic design when someone recommended that I contact At that time, I had no plan for an internship in China, but when I started to discuss my options and the learning opportunities I may have in China with the staff of… View Full
My name is Aleksandar Spasovski. I was born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia. I have been living and working as an English teacher in Beijing, China since November 2013. Having finally settled in China’s capital and gotten used to the daily routine of a foreign English teacher’s life, I can conclude that it is one… View Full
When I was in my final year, I had already started to find places where I could get my internship in marketing. One of my teachers advised me to get my internship abroad, as the internship experience in a foreign country is always a good thing to add to your CV once you are done… View Full


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Why should I do an internship in China?

China is the new land of opportunity and one of the most important players in the global economy today. It is forecasted that China is going to be the largest economy in the world. Internship in China will broaden your practical and theoretical knowledge and give you a chance to make personal and professional contacts.

Do I need to be a student?

No, our program is open for students as well as graduates.

Are internships paid?

Most of the companies provide a living allowance.