How to Avoid Feeling Homesick While Staying Abroad

December 22, 2016 Leave your comments

Homesickness is a condition where people can feel stress and anxiety when they are taken out of the environment, people and routines they are used to. The effects will vary greatly from person to person with some people not suffering at all, to those that find the condition to be debilitating. It is not easy to be sure who will be affected and to what degree, all we can do is to try to prepare as much as we can. There are some great trips that anybody can follow to try and help them deal with home-sickness should they encounter it.

Begin Your Stay Seeing the Sights.

One good way to help prevent home-sickness being a problem is to begin your stay in your new host country as though you were just a tourist. Go out and see the usual places of interest, take photos, go shopping, try out the different foods. To begin with, you could be just too busy seeing new things and having fun for home-sickness to kick in and by the time it is time to slow down and begin to live as an expat, you already have some familiarity with your new home.

Throw Yourself in the Deep End.

Familiarity can help to overcome home-sickness and this can mean you getting used to your new surroundings. Even if you don’t feel comfortable in certain surroundings then you should still try to push yourself to immerse yourself in them. In time you will find that you begin to feel more comfortable with them. It can be difficult to begin with but as you begin to feel increasingly comfortable with your surroundings, you will find it will be well worth it.

Create a Routine.

We are creatures of habit, and routines often help to make us feel as though we are achieving what we are supposed to achieve each day, helping to make us feel comfortable. Often in cases of homesickness, it can be that the sufferer is suffering because they no longer have a routine to stick to, causing them confusion and anxiety. You can create a routine in a foreign country also and it could even be one that is very similar to the one that you were used to at home.

Make a Home From Home.

Making your new house or apartment feel as much like your home back home can be another great way of overcoming home-sickness. Take some of your favourite items with you to place around the home and maybe take your favourite bedding. Take some of your favourite movies and music. Go shopping for ingredients that will help you to make your favourite meals. Get it just right and you could begin to forget that you are in a different country altogether.


Physical health is key to mental health and can help you feeling positive even when things are difficult for you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a lot of exercise, some mild activity is often enough to keep you in reasonable shape and your mind in good condition also. Another benefit of exercise is that it can help you to create a routine which, as already mentioned, can help you to feel more at home in your new surroundings.

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