Why China?

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Why an internship in China? Because it is the new land of opportunity!

Thousands of people are flocking to China to gain valuable work experience, but also to experience the many other benefits available to interns in China. With the second largest economy in the world and a nominal GDP, China is the fastest growing main economy in the world. The country’s economy has seen dramatic growth since the 80s as a result of being the world’s largest exporter.

Why China?

China is a land of opportunity for all young people impatient to kick start their careers and learn a major international language while they do so. This also provides an inspiring opportunity to explore an ancient culture, and a friendly nation.

According to one source the largest economy worldwide, according to other sources still on the second position; however China is more than present as a significant player on the international scene. While Europe and Americas experienced world’s crisis, China’s economy continue successfully its own trend of growth whereas GDP for 2014 stated 7, 4%.

With no doubt China is one of the most significant countries for multinational companies that are more and more present in the Chinese economy. Recent studies showed that 18% of all multinational companies and 12% of Fortune 500 companies recruit staff through branches in China. In majority of cases, candidates start their carrier as interns and after few months the most successful of them are offered with working position. To approximately 20% of the interns a job is offered within the same company where they started their internship. The rest of interns usually transfer to some other companies or depart to their native countries but now enriched with priceless experience and CV that can easily attract attention with the companies back home.

Many big-brand multinationals have already made the mind shift. They have extended their recruiting drive to China where hiring costs are up to 30% lower. They want the strategic leverage that people familiar with Chinese culture and language bring. This is of particular interest to young people living in the western countries. Their minds are fresh enough to learn a Chinese language easily, and they are well educated. They are also open minded enough to embrace the China way of life in ways the older generation cannot. The multinationals have an insatiable appetite for this new talent, and they are increasingly prepared to pay for it. If you seize the opportunity this does not mean you will be 30% worse off! It is a question of western currencies going further in China.

Western corporates are not seeking to recruit Chinese people as such. Their goal is people who have the skills they want, who are bilingual in Chinese, and who understand the China culture and its way of doing business.

When they find well-educated bilingual talent, they snap it up. China is equally short of scarce resources. This means two superb opportunities for qualified young people who are prepared to knuckle down, learn a Chinese language, explore the culture and commit to working hard as Asians do.

Here are two exciting options to consider:

  • Stay on in China and take up a permanent position with a foreign national, or a Chinese firm that needs help liaising with its clients from overseas. As many as 20% of our interns get permanent jobs they would have difficulty finding back home. Their salaries average over $27,000 a year, their dollars go further than they expect, and they have a great time exploring an exciting culture and making new friends.
  • Return home after an incredible working holiday during which you sharpened your skills, became bilingual and got your mind around the Chinese way of doing things. Companies trading with China will snap you up if you get it right, because you have exactly the right working experience they are looking for.

Apart from learning about the Chinese business culture and gaining practical work experience, your time in China offers a range of other resume-enhancing benefits that will make you stand out in the crowd. It will:

  • help you gain self-confidence
  • show flexibility, open-mindedness and adaptability
  • show your ability to overcome challenges
  • boost your communication skills in a foreign language
  • learn about China’s exhilarating lifestyle
  • broaden your horizons
  • meet new friends and make connections
  • learn about the exciting Chinese culture

Of course, when living in a foreign country, it’s always a good idea to travel around and immerse yourself into the lifestyle. Those experiences are not available to everyone and you will be glad that you took the opportunity to make the most of your time in China.

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